Centrelink orders jobkeeper recipients to pay back $32m - mostly to pay for Gerry Harvey.

Also from the Graun:

The federal government has sent more than 11,000 people Centrelink debt letters worth a total of $32m claiming they were overpaid due to jobkeeper, while resisting calls to claw back money from businesses who got the wage subsidy and then made a profit.

Services Australia has told Senate estimates 11,771 people have had a debt raised “after the completion of a review of their income support payments and the jobkeeper income that was paid to them by their employer”.

Gerry’s Harvey Norman chain trousered about $22m in jobkeeper subsidies, and a hundred percent rise in profits off the back of the pando, thanks to WFH purchases and an army of punters redirecting their spending away from discretionary blow outs like overseas travel.

I doubt SloMo will be chasing after him for the money.