Holy crap this Jack Waterford beat down of Morrison is epic.

From John Menadue’s blog.

His party and the electorate know by now the most they can expect from him. It is not impossible that this ‘most’ could see him leader at the next election, perhaps still prime minister afterwards. But he will grow no further into the role. He has never represented any abiding idea and has no unfinished business. We would hold on to this nurse only for fear of finding something worse…

Before and during the pandemic he has had unlimited access to public resources. He has not scrupled to use them for partisan, often quite improper purposes. He has an enormous capacity to believe that anything in his own interest, or the government’s short-term political interest, is in the public interest, even when it has been in breach of the law, the decencies and undermines long-standing institutions and conventions.

You can read the whole thing here.