A metric shit ton of scurrilicious pork pies

Winter is coming, and with it another chance for the virus to have its way with us. The new variants emerging in India and Brazil are better at spreading through host populations, and way better at killing more of those populations than the plain old vanilla-flavoured Rona Version 1.0 we’ll soon be recalling with fond remembrances. Scott Morrison recently told a party room meeting that the threat from COVID-19 was growing, not receding, and for once he wasn’t selling a metric shit ton of scurrilicious pork pies. The metastasising spread through India and South America are catastrophic for those regions and a looming tragedy for everyone outside them. It’s just math. The more the virus grows, the more variants it throws off, raising the chances of spinning up some really exciting new pathogen that blows right through our current defences.

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