All you can’t eat.

A couple of years ago I took my kids to a writers conference at a beach resort. There was an all you can eat breakfast buffet. They both cried when the conference was over and they had to leave the buffet behind. Now, as if the end of the world weren’t enough, this damned plague might mean the end of the breakfast buffet altogether. Business Insider reports that  a bunch of all-you-can-eat breakfast joints in the US have collapsed 

•  Plagued by bankruptcy filings, food poisoning incidents, and millennial disdain, buffets were struggling well before the coronavirus pandemic began.

•  From 1998 to 2017, the number of buffet restaurants decreased by 26% while the number of overall restaurants grew by 22%

JB: “Goddamn it COVID-19, this time you’ve gone too far! You will take this dangerously oversized mountain-o’-bacon from my cold dead hands.

CV-19: <Shrugs> “Okay”.

I do wonder most days what the world will look like in a year’s time. I’d assumed that cafes, bars, cinemas, theatre, Big Sport, they’d all really struggle. But a world without buffets?

That is too apocalyptic even for me. I don’t know what to tell my children.