Clive's cartoonish villainy, updated.

Hi. I thought you’d appreciate this quick catch up.

From Friday’s ASB:

While the bogans from Logan were partying in Plaguetown (that’s Melbourne, btw, Melbourne is Plaguetown now) billionaire coal baron and motile Jabba the Hutt custard sculpture Clive Palmer was filing in the High Court to have WA’s border controls struck down. Why? Because that sketchy fuck is up to some sort of villainy in the far west and he doesn’t want to tell Mister Plod what it is when next he comes to visit.

And now we know why. From yesterday’s

Mr Palmer in April announced he had purchased almost 33 million doses of hydroxychloroquine, an anti-malarial drug touted by US President Donald Trump which has since been found to be ineffective at treating COVID-19.

Turns out the skeevy prick has a warehouse full of Orange Saddam’s favourite snake oil cure and wanted to get them to market before someone like the Therapeutic Goods Administration ruined his grift.

We’ll revisit this on Friday.