It's not just the Dyson douchenozzle.

I couldn't finish reading the SMH report on Dyson Heydon's long history of sexual predation. It was too gross.

But there's gonna be more.

Not just from the douchenozzle. A guy who'll do that to one woman will do it to half a dozen, as the High Court's inquiry found. But he won't stop there.

And nor will the story. The legal profession is filthy with men like this. There will be a lot of judges, barristers and senior partners in big name law firms having trouble digesting their Weetbix this morning.

That doesn't mean anything will come of it. The profession has long looked after it's own. But one change from the past?

There might just be a critical mass of women at senior levels of the law to finally make a difference. Many of them had to put up with this shit while they were young. They won't be of a mind to look the other way now.