Lockdown, mortality, and imaging artefacts. (Updater).

Hey, it’s me, JB, again.

I had such a strong reaction to this piece that I decided to set it free and send it out to the whole list. A lot of readers reached out to say it captured something of their own feelings, especially a few who had been in hospital, like me, watching those insane anti-lockdown protests.

If you missed out earlier, it’s here.

Lockdown, mortality, and imaging artefacts.

A few weeks into this sprawling mess of a half-national lockdown, I imagined that I was going to die. I was in a doctor’s office, talking to a respiratory specialist about the strange chest infection I’d been carrying around since early May.

One point someone raised in the comment thread, which I had been vaguely reaching for through the fog of my own post operative thoughts, was to consider the feelings of the medical staff who had treated that poor young woman who died in Sydney last weekend - getting off shift and coming home to see the Tok Tok guy shitshow on the evening news.

Their feelings we can only guess at; their reaction we already know. The next day they would get up and take themselves back to work in their hospitals and ICUs and they would do it all over again. Even as cases from the super-spreader protests appeared in their emergency rooms.

Anyway, the link again.

Lockdown, mortality, and imaging artefacts.

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