Sky News takes a dump on the carpet. Tries to hide turd under a throw rug.

The darkly funny thing abut this is that they’re killing their own viewers. All nine of them.

From the Graun today:

Sky News Australia has quietly deleted at least 31 videos that question the public health response to Covid-19 or promote unproven treatments as the broadcaster prepares for its chief executive, Paul Whittaker, to appear at a Senate inquiry on Friday, Guardian Australia can reveal…

The disappearing videos include Alan Jones saying Victorian premier Daniel Andrews is “wrong” on face masks: “that bloke is in need of medication”; and a Jones interview with a Canadian pathologist who claimed Covid was the “greatest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting public”.

After the interview Jones said: “well there you are, as I have said all along, there is no epidemiological justification for any of this. Lockdowns, face masks, social distancing”…

In another removed video Andrew Bolt says hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin should not be banned: “Listen I don’t know if these drugs work, but I do not see a good reason to ban or restrict them.”