You are my favourites.

Hi everyone.

No long essays or sweary rants this arvo. I just wanted to ask you a simple question about last week’s facebook essay.

Should I do more stuff like that?

Now, before you answer, assuming you can be bothered, just remember that it took me two weeks to research that bad boy and about two days to write it.

I could afford to do that because so many of you have generously — or perhaps foolishly — hit the paid subscription button.

Hell, maybe you hit it by mistake, after drinking heavily one Friday night and losing any semblance of impulse control. Whatevs. I love you for it with a deeply inappropriate physical love, you magnificent bastards.

And I enjoyed writing it. It was a very nice change from having to come up with new insults for Scott Morrison. (Also I don’t think I can ever top the suggested nickname ‘Revelations Dodgewanker’ that one of you came up in the comments one day. And that pains me.)

Anyway. Back to the question.

Should I do more long essays? Cos if I do, it would mean occasionally missing out on a shorter, swearier rant if I fell down the research hole.

I haven’t made any decisions, and honestly, my natural state of being is to avoid decisions at all costs. But I thought it might be worth asking.

And also, it is a chance to say thanks to everyone who’s signed up for either the free or the paid versions. You are my favourites.

Let me know below, if you’re the spendy type, or over on the Twitz, for everyone else. But not on facebook of course.